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Horse Lifestyle and personal data

Horse Lifestyle is transparent about collecting and using personal data. We explain in a simple manner why we do this and how we use your data. We only exchange data with third parties if necessary and we handle data with great care and value a solid security. We do this according to European law.

What is personal data?

Personal data is information that can tell something about a unique person or that can be used in combination with other data to link to a unique person. There is a distinction between direct and indirect personal data. Direct personal data is for example a first name, surname or date of birth, and indirect personal data an IP-address or license plate number.

From Whom does Horse Lifestyle collect personal data?

Horse Lifestyle collects personal data from customers/users and persons who have indicated to receive information from Horse Lifestyle. Horse Lifestyle also collects cookies from persons who use the Horse Lifestyle websites and apps.

What types of personal data does Horse Lifestyle collect, and do we do with personal data?

Horse Lifestyle collects the following personal data:

  • Name, e-mailaddress
    We need this data so we can communicate with you.
  • Contact history with us, records form customer support
    We need this data so we can assist you if an issue might arise.
  • Data about the usage of the websites and applications, viewing behavior, IP-address and device types used to visit our websites and applications.
    We need this data to offer our services. We need to know where you are in order to adjust our content offer and we monitor your viewing behavior to enable you to continue watching from where you left.
  • Cookies
    We place cookies to show information that is relevant for you. This can include your preferred language or username. By seeing what device you are using, we can optimize the content to ensure it fits the device.
  • Payment data
    Horse Lifestyle uses Adyen to handle her payments. The personal data used in secured transactions is not visible to Horse Lifestyle, but we have access to your transaction status, username, e-mailaddress, origin of the transaction and the payment method used. These data are necessary to complete a transaction and prevent fraud.
    All data entered is encrypted.

Where does Horse Lifestyle store personal data?

Horse Lifestyle uses a variety of applications to process tour data. To ensure your privacy we utilize strict measures regarding security and storage of data. The data that we collect is stored within the European Union or is governed by a European Union approved agreement.

We store your personal data for as long as we need it to provide our services to you. After that, we archive it for as long as the law obligates us to do. After that the data is either destroyed or used for statistical purposes and no longer traceable to a unique person.

With whom does Horse Lifestyle share personal data with and why?

Horse Lifestyle shares data with her payment provider Adyen to be able to complete transactions.

Horse lifestyle shares data with the authorities if Horse Lifestyle is obligated to do so by law (in case of a crime for example).

Horse Lifestyle shares data with suppliers who work for Horse Lifestyle. Only direct relevant data is shared for a specific task and according to strict and clear contracts. This could be for example a mail delivery company or an IT company who supports us in maintenance.

To ensure privacy, Horse Lifestyle has data protection agreements with all of her suppliers.

Horse Lifestyle works together with partners on various projects. Mostly projects such as events or the offering of products. If you wish to participate and your data is needed to deliver a service or product, you will be explicitly asked to give permission to share your personal data with a third party/parties. If you agree, you agree with the privacy policy of that third party/parties. Their privacy policy could be different from ours.

On our websites and applications could be links to third party websites. If you click on them, their websites open and their privacy policy is applicable.

Your rights and how to exercise them

You have certain rights regarding your personal data.

You have the right to access your personal data. You can see most of this data on your profile page when you are logged in.

You have the right to rectification. If you suspect anything being wrong with your personal data, you can alter this on your profile page.

You have the right to erasure. If you wish, you can erase the personal data we have from you. You can do this by deleting your account.

You have the right to data portability. You can ask us to transfer your data to another company. Where technically feasible, we will transfer your data.

You have the right to complain if you are not happy with the way we handle your personal data, you may file a complaint by sending an e-mail to

Much of your personal data is visible, adjustable or removeable on your profile page, but you can also e-mail a request to exercise your rights to or write a letter to:

Horse Lifestyle
t.a.v. Privacy officer
Van Cleeffkade 15
1431 BA, Aalsmeer
The Netherlands

On what grounds does Horse Lifestyle process personal data?

Horse Lifestyle processes personal data to enter or execute an agreement. Sometimes we are obligated by law to process personal data and in other cases we received your permission to process personal data. And in some cases we have a legitimate interest to collect personal data.

Personal data and confidentiality

Securing our systems and personal data is important to Horse Lifestyle and we take great care in that. All employees who are vetted to work with personal data have been screened and signed a confidentiality agreement.